Cold Process Gluten Free Soapcakes



Lots of people are selling

handmade cold process soaps

all over the internet.


So why should you buy ours?

Because we think it truly matters what you put on your skin.




We are master soapmakers

and have been making and selling 

premium cakes of luxurious cold process soap   

for over 3 decades, way before it became cool.


From the beginning, our ingredients have been our passion.

Because we believe that what we put on our bodies

can end up in our bodies, we are committed to using the same

costly, unrefined, non-GMO, virgin

 and certified organic premium oils and butters

Olive Fruit

that a discriminating gourmet chef would use. 

These amazing oils and butters, which greatly

exceed soap industry standards,  

have been spared harsh chemical refining  

and are rich with valuable skin-cleansing elements.


Using our 35 years of experience, we skillfully fashion these

choice oils and butters into creamy cakes

of luxurious cold process soap

without taking anything away.  


And being equally concerned about how we fragrance

and color our soaps, we only use pure essential oils, 

 eco-friendly earth clays and ground botanicals.


At the same time, it is very important to us that every Soapcake

not only  be a true gluten free soap, but useful for those with other

sensitivities as well.  So we specifically avoid gluten, dairy,

soy, grains, eggs and all artificial fragrances or dyes 

in every one of our family recipes.


Soapcakes are delightful treats for your valuable skin, 

individually handcrafted in small batches, 

producing an abundance of rich superfatted lather,

filled with organic unrefined virgin oils and butters, 

generously scented with precious essential oils,

free from gluten, dairy and other sensitivity-causing ingredients,

displaying environmentally responsible cold process techniques

 and offered at an unbelievably great price!


What can all this mean for you?


It means you are choosing to buy one of the finest handcrafted

soaps in the world to cleanse the precious body you plan to live

in for the rest of your life.


It means you expect gentle handmade cold process

soap made from certified organic whole ingredients

that caress your skin while they clean

instead of assaulting it.


And it means that whenever you use our remarkably sudsy

handmade cold process soap with its creamy, thick, 

superfatted lather, you will be smoothing some of the most

incredible organic oils, butters, clays and botanicals on earth all

over your beautiful self.


Lots of people are selling 

handmade cold process soap these days.

But Soapcakes remain in a class by themselves.

Because we think it truly matters what you put on your skin.


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